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J-Pilot is a desktop organizer application for PalmOS devices. It is meant to be an alternative to the Palm Desktop for those who run the most popular Operating Systems in the World, Linux and Unix. 

Note, that most common does not equate to most popular.


2014-05-24 J-Pilot version 1.8.2 released. 
Many bug fixes
Fixed VCard output
Added export for B-Folders
Added export for KeePassX
Changed the "enye" letter in Manana to an "n", got tired of it causing problems (Ma\303\261ana to Manana)
Made lots of stupid code changes to make the compiler warnings go away

2011-04-05 J-Pilot version 1.8.1 released. 
Lots of changes (see Changelog

2011-01-08 I bought a Nexus One about a year ago in the hopes of replacing my Palm with something better. Now a year later it still doesn't come close to replacing the functionality of my Treo 680. 
My long term goal is to build an Android sync conduit for Contacts and Calendar and write a Tasks, Memos, and Keyring app with sync conduits.
With this goal in mind I completed my first Android application J-Calc.

2010-02-28 J-Pilot version 1.8.0 released. 
Lots of changes (see ChangeLog). Calendar support is added and pilot-link 0.12.5 is required for this. 

2009-02-15 J-Pilot version 1.6.2 released. 
This is mostly a bugfix release.  Contacts created on the Palm were not always synced correctly, and Bugzilla 1973 (Contacts with pictures cause segfault) was fixed.

2008-12-15 J-Pilot version 1.6.1 released. 
The major improvements are newer category syncronization code, libgcrypt support.
As usual, many many bug fixes and improvements, see the ChangeLog for details. 

2008-05-27 J-Pilot version 1.6.0 released. 
The major improvements are Contacts, and Memos support.
As usual, many many bug fixes and improvements, see the ChangeLog for details. 

Thanks to Rik Wehbring for all of his hard work patching and coding and Ludovic Rousseau for his Debian packages and patches. 

Thanks to Karl Schmidt, Richard Mancussi, and Russell Button for donating a Treo 680 for R&D.

2008-05-27 Why version 1.6.0? The version number for J-Pilot has always been about the level of functionality that it had. The first version 9 years ago was 0.90 because I thought it was 90% done. I was wrong, but that's where it started. It never quite got to where I wanted for a 1.0 release. With the newer database code (Contacts and Memos) requiring major rewrites of much of the code it didn't make sense to approach 1.0 anymore, but 2.0. If supporting Contacts, Calendar, Memos, and Tasks is 2.0, then we are at 1.6.0.
2006-08-27 J-Pilot version 0.99.9 released.  Many bug fixes and improvements, see the ChangeLog for details. 

Pilot-link 0.12.0 was just realeased yesterday!!! J-Pilot will work fine with it, and it is recommended. Older pilot-links can be used as well. 

2005-10-30 I redesigned the website to look fresher and use less deprecated HTML. Let me know if it doesn't display correctly in your browser.
2005-09-11 J-Pilot pre-release version 0.99.8-pre11 is ready for testing.  Many many bug fixes and improvements, see ChangeLog.  Version 0.99.8 is planned to be released next week. 
2004-02-29 J-Pilot version 0.99.7 released.  Many bug fixes and improvements, see ChangeLog. 
2004-01-15 The Wiki page is up.  Feel free to contribute. 
I added a link on the left for the bugs page also. 
A link is added to search the mail list archive also. 
Update: The wiki page will be down for a while.

2002-11-06 The J-Pilot website, mail lists, cvs, etc moved to gnu-designs.com's server. 
Its still at http://jpilot.org of course. 
The email lists will be down for a day or two more.  We're working on it.

J-Pilot and Pilot-Link work with about any PalmOS device. I recommend the newest kernel possible. The Treo 90 and 300s will work with kernel 2.4.20 and this patch visor rollup patch
Thanks to Handspring for being cooperative with us.  All USB PalmOS devices except for the Handspring visors currently don't work with BSD with the USB stack.  You can, however do a network hotsync with them.  Read this link for how to do it.