Released J-Pilot 1.6.0

Judd Montgomery bio photo By Judd Montgomery

Released J-Pilot version 1.6.0.

Major Changes

  • J-Pilot version 1.6.0 released.
  • The major improvements are Contacts, and Memos support.
  • As usual, many many bug fixes and improvements, see the ChangeLog for details.
  • Thanks to Rik Wehbring for all of his hard work patching and coding and Ludovic Rousseau for his Debian packages and patches.
  • Thanks to Karl Schmidt, Richard Mancussi, and Russell Button for donating a Treo 680 for R & D.

Why version 1.6.0? The version number for J-Pilot has always been about the level of functionality that it had. The first version 9 years ago was 0.90 because I thought it was 90% done. I was wrong, but that’s where it started. It never quite got to where I wanted for a 1.0 release. With the newer database code (Contacts and Memos) requiring major rewrites of much of the code it didn’t make sense to approach 1.0 anymore, but 2.0. If supporting Contacts, Calendar, Memos, and Tasks is 2.0, then we are at 1.6.0.