2009-02-15 JPilot-icalendar can be found here
jpilot-icalendar is currently a standalone program that imports RFC2445 (aka iCalendar) events into J-Pilot.
2008-05-27 Pics&Videos can be found here
Downloads pictures, photos and videos from newer Palm Treo and Palm Centro phones. Reads both internal flash and SD Card.
2000-10-30 pilot-mailsync can be found here
Sync mail with your Palm
2000-03-10 jpilot-Mail can be found here
Sync mail with your Palm
2000-02-15 JustInTime can be found here
JustInTime is a work around for the SyncTime plugin that crashes PalmOS 3.3. The SyncTime plugin isn’t broken, Palm OS 3.3 is.  You need to have the palm app installed as well.
2000-02-13 Expense and Synctime
There is a SyncTime plugin included in the source code for J-Pilot, as well as an Expense plugin. The SyncTime plugin sets the palm time to the desktop time.
I also have a Timesheet plugin thats 90% complete if you are interested email me.
2002-02-06 KeyRing
The KeyRing plugin is included with J-Pilot. It is an interface to the GNU/KeyRing Palm encryption application.
2000-02-13 Backup and SyncMal
Jason Day’s web page has a couple of plugins. Backup is an enhanced backup plugin, and SyncMal is a MalSync client that pulls down web pages for later viewing.