Mailing List

This is the general J-Pilot email list. The purpose of the list is to discuss J-Pilot issues, new features, announce new versions, help new users, talk about privacy, etc.

You can get info about using the list by sending a message with just the word “help” as subject or in the body, to:

To join just email with “join” or “subscribe” in the subject or body

2020-10-23: We have moved to Mailman 3, which is a little different from the old mailman. The Empathy site (list archives) also behaves as a forum. You can create an account on the Empathy web interface and reply to messages there like you would on a web-forum. Doing so also creates an account that can be used with the traditional email interface as well. If you are on the list already you should have an account on Empathy.

The email list address is still

J-Pilot list archives and Empathy forum